Where are we going to skis?

Where are we going to skis?

  • 01.11.2021
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Where are we going to skis?

In the first place in popularity, experts put the ski resorts of Sochi, which take about 70-80% of the total organized tourist flow. These resorts are preferred by lovers of alpine skiing with high demands on sports infrastructure and level of service. The more unpretentious public prefers the resorts of the Caucasus, the Urals and Siberia. The organized tourist demand for small regional resorts, for example, the Perm Gubakha, the Bashkir resort of Abzakovo, the Chechen Veduchi, is still very small, experts say.
The Sheregesh ski resort has officially announced the start date of the ski season - November 13.
The Rosa Khutor resort plans to open the new winter season on December 17th.
Krasnaya Polyana is scheduled for December 12, but the exact date will also depend on weather conditions.
Resorts "Gazprom" and "Alpika" have not yet announced the start of the season, but, as a rule, they open later than other resorts in Sochi, closer to the end of December.
The opening of the winter season at the Elbrus ski resort is scheduled for early November, the exact date is still unknown, it will depend on the weather.
The Sakhalin ski resort Mountain Air has not yet announced the start date for the ski season. The first flight from Moscow will take place right before the New Year - December 30, 2021, then once a week until March 25, 2022. Gubakha (Ural) has not yet announced the start date for the ski season.
The most popular ski resort in Bashkiria - Abzakovo - plans to open the ski season in December.
Source of information: ATOR (Alexandra Polyanskaya).


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