The Cayman Islands marked a tourist boom

The Cayman Islands marked a tourist boom

  • 12.07.2018
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The Cayman Islands marked a tourist boom

According to the latest data from the Department of Tourism of the Cayman Islands, for the first five months of 2018 the number of travelers was 209,143, which is 16.51 percent more compared to the same period in 2017. The number of tourists has increased by 29,637 - this is one of the fastest growing rates in the Caribbean region. Especially high rates were registered in May, when the growth of the tourist flow will be 22.4 percent compared to May of the previous year. "The tourism industry of the Cayman Islands is an important economic factor that contributes to the creation of jobs and national development, from which we all benefit," said Cayman Islands Tourism Minister Moses Kirkkonnell. "All interested in the development of tourism should be proud of our collective work, and I I hope that we will be able to maintain this positive trend during 2018. "Visitors spent a total of about $ 390 million in the Cayman Islands in the first five months of this year a. The boom of 2018 was followed by a strong growth in 2017, when the British Overseas Territory first visited more than 400,000 travelers. "The achievement of the big goals for 2018 and beyond will depend on the implementation of our National Tourism Plan, a constant commitment to innovative strategic marketing practices and joint work to identify and attract potential visitors," said Rose Harris, Director of Tourism in the Cayman Islands. In the Cayman Islands, there is also a wave of development of the hotel business - from the launch of a new Grand Hyatt project on Seven Mile Beach to the newly opened Mandarin Oriental, Grand Cayman. The growth of the tourist flow was also promoted by the intensification of air transportation and the opening of new flights to the Cayman Islands.


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