• 29.03.2020
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From Monday, March 30, all residents of the capital should leave the house only in strictly defined cases: seek emergency help, make purchases at the nearest store or pharmacy, take out the trash, and also take a walk with the dog. Only those who are “obliged to go to work” can go to work. “And in the coming days - after carrying out technical and organizational measures - it will be possible to leave if there is a special pass issued in the manner established by the Moscow government,” the mayor added. He emphasized that the authorities “gradually but steadily” will tighten control over compliance with the home regime. At the same time, there is no ban on leaving and entering Moscow, the movement of public and personal transport is also not limited. Note that for non-compliance with the quarantine, violators face a fine in the amount of 500 to 1000 rubles.

Source of information: TourDom

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