Russia is beautiful, and one of a kind- Taganay National Park .

Russia is beautiful, and one of a kind- Taganay National Park .

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Russia is beautiful, and one of a kind- Taganay National Park .

“Traveling through the Taganay National Park, I was amazed by the beauty of the Russian winter. I wanted to convey the state of a fairy tale in photography,” Dmitry Kochergin admits. , giving them a slightly mystical glow. "
The moon looks like a large star in the picture.
Taganay is the most popular national park of the South Urals among tourists. It is widely renowned for its beauty thanks to its picturesque mountain ranges. There is plenty of space for tourists. Here you can admire high mountain ranges and bizarre stone outliers, placers of kurums and an amazing stone river stretching for several kilometers, relict forests, subalpine woodlands and mountain tundras. There are also ancient mineral mines here. Taganay National Park was established on March 5, 1991. He became the first in the Urals. The park occupies the northern part of the territory of the Zlatoust urban district and an insignificant part of the Kusinsky district of the Chelyabinsk region. Its area is 56.8 thousand hectares. Here are some of the interesting sights.
Big Stone River
You can get to Taganai along the upper and lower paths. The lower trail runs along the Bolshaya Kamennaya River - a huge stone placer. Its length reaches 5-6 kilometers, width from 20 to 700 meters, and an area of ​​about 90 hectares. More than 2.5 million boulders lie on the surface alone.
Two-headed hill
This is the southernmost peak of the Bolshoi Taganai ridge and the first mountain peak that occurs on the way of tourists about 7 kilometers from the beginning of the path. A metal staircase goes upstairs, then turns into an ordinary path. The two-headed hill is the most visited peak of Taganai. There are always a lot of tourists here, all year round. In winter, after a long tiring climb, tourists quickly and merrily slide down at the fifth point. But at the same time, you need to remember about precautions: there have been accidents when colliding with trees and stones. At the foot of the two-headed volcano there is a spring - the White Key. It got its name from the white quartzite that covers the bottom. This is the most famous water source of Taganay. Its water is clear and tasty. The softness is even higher than that of melted snow. The water is very cold, even in summer its temperature does not exceed 3-4 degrees. In the past, the White Key was revered as a holy source, there was a wooden cross near it.
Mount Kruglitsa
The trail from Otklikny ridge to the next peak of the Bolshoi Taganai ridge - Kruglitsa - passes through the so-called Valley of Fairy Tales. This place is a section of low-growing coniferous forest under alpine, surrounded by bizarre outliers of sugar-like quartzites. Many outliers have their own names, depending on who or what they resemble.
Dalny Taganay
To get to the next peak of the Bolshoi Taganai ridge - Dalny Taganai - you need to go down and go through the Taganai tourist shelter. The ascent to Dalniy Taganai is very long. Already on the way to the top, you will see a well and a sign nearby "Botanical Monument Podgoltsovye woodlands". Dalniy Taganai (1146 m) is the northernmost and most extensive peak of the Bolshoi Taganai ridge.
Rocks Three Brothers
The rocky outcrops of the Three Brothers rise above the forest between Kruglitsa and Dalniy Taganai. These are three high stone outliers, up to 40-50 meters high. In good weather they can be clearly seen from Kruglitsa.
Mount Yurma
Further north of Dalniy Taganai is Mount Yurma. This is the northernmost peak of the Taganay National Park, its height is 1003 meters. It is believed that the Southern Urals begins from here, and the area to the north belongs to the Middle Urals. The main attraction of Jurma is the picturesque Devil's Gate rock.
Black rock
If you drive along the road to Magnitka beyond the entrance to the national park, you can get to the Black Rock. Rocky outcrops rise here, from which a beautiful panorama of the Bolshoi Taganai mountain range opens. The height is 853 meters, it belongs to the Nazminsky ridge. In summer, the Black Rock festival of art songs is held here.
It is better to go to Taganay for at least 4-5 days. This is enough to get around its main peaks. A visit is possible at any time of the year, but it should be borne in mind that the weather conditions in the mountains are always noticeably harsher. Have a nice trip!
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