Russia is beautiful, and one of a kind-Nemyataya .

Russia is beautiful, and one of a kind-Nemyataya .

  • 17.01.2021
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Russia is beautiful, and one of a kind-Nemyataya .

Anton Agarkov photographed an abandoned chapel near the abandoned village of Nemyata in the Kenozersky National Park of the Arkhangelsk Region. “On this trip we were not very lucky to be light, and at night, as luck would have it, there were always clouds that prevented us from taking pictures of the sky beautifully,” he says. “Only at the last did the clouds disperse to reveal the stars and the Milky Way, as well as the distant northern lights ".
The village of Nemyataya (Nemyataya) is visible from Vershinino, but by water from the pier it is about 2 km. In 1873, there were 17 households in the village, in which 122 people lived. (many!) and (by 1846) two chapels, one survived - the chapel of the Three Saints, the second - Kirik and Julita - no. Three Saints are Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, John Chrysostom. Once upon a time, Nemyata stood on the road connecting Pudozh with Konev, and between Nemyaty and Pogost (Vershinino) there was a ferry in summer, and in winter the road went on ice. Now little is left of the village of Nemyata: several dilapidated houses along the shore of the lake and a chapel in the middle of the field. The rest is a field for haymaking.
The chapel of the Three Saints stands behind the houses and is very similar in structure to the chapel in Karpov, and this is not surprising: they look at each other from opposite shores of Dolgoye Lake. Interestingly, the chapel originally had a different end to the belfry. This can be seen in old photographs from the KNP archive. By 1989, the chapel was noticeably dilapidated, and experts made its measurements. Then, at the end of the 90s, the Park's forces carried out conservation and partial restoration work, during which they replaced the roof and installed a tent with a cross instead of a cross on a high column on the belfry (a similar replacement was carried out at the Nikolskaya chapel in Vershinino in 2003) The peculiarity of the chapel is in the neck. On which the bulb of the dome rests. It is very thin and gives the dome a special harmony.
Information source: KENOSERIE,


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