Russia is beautiful, and one of a kind- Imandra.

Russia is beautiful, and one of a kind- Imandra.

  • 16.01.2021
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Russia is beautiful, and one of a kind- Imandra.

"Imandra is the largest and most picturesque lake in the Murmansk region, there are more than 140 islands scattered over it. Glaciers created its" lace "silhouette, - says the author of the photo Oleg Semenkevich. - The reservoir is divided into three parts - Ekostrovskaya, Babinskaya and Bolshaya Imandra." It was described in detail by the writer Mikhail Prishvin when he traveled around the Kola Peninsula at the beginning of the 20th century. Much has changed since then on Imandra. Only its beauty has been preserved in its original form. Not far are the Khibiny Mountains, which can be seen in the picture, and the Lapland Nature Reserve.
Water lace
Lake Imandra is located in the west of the Kola Peninsula. In terms of area, it occupies the fourteenth place in Russia, behind such giants as Baikal, Ladoga and Onega. It has an elongated shape - with a length of 120 km, its average width is only 14 km. Often from coast to coast there is no more than three tens of meters. The average depth is about 16 m, but there are whirlpools 67 m deep! Depending on the season, the transparency ranges from 3 to 6 m. More than a dozen small tributaries and three large rivers - Pirenga, Monche and Belaya, flow into the lake, and only one flows out - the Niva. The Pomors used this word to name the areas between the two rapids. And on the Niva, there are about 150 rapids. The shores of the lake are so winding and indented that it resembles blue lace on the map. Such a complex shape was created by glaciers in the distant past. At the beginning of the 20th century, the lake was navigable - it was used to deliver goods for the railway under construction.
Africanda on Imandre
On the shores of the lake are the cities of Monchegorsk and Apatity, as well as the villages of Imandra, Zasheek, Khibiny and Tik-Guba. There is another village with the unusual name Afrikanda. It is part of the Polyarnye Zori urban district. When the railway station was being built here, it was hot, and the railroad workers joked: "It's hot as in Africa." When the village was built, they decided to jokingly call it Afrikanda. The name stuck. They hardly go on vacation to these parts, and guests "out of curiosity" are very rare. And this despite the fact that there is something to be surprised at in the Arctic. The harsh beauty of nature and the careful preservation of traditions: Sami and Pomor culture, the era of the development of the North. But why the lake was named Imandra is not known exactly. True, there is a legend according to which this was the name of the daughter of a hunter who lived on the shores of a tiny lake. One day a young man saw her. He was so fascinated that he could not take his eyes off her. Having stumbled, he fell into the abyss and turned into a rock. In despair, Imandra threw herself into the lake. Suddenly it parted and became huge. Later he was named after the deceased girl. Since there are a large number of large industrial enterprises on the shores of the lake, one can hardly talk about good fishing here. Although whitefish are caught here. But the lake and the surrounding mountains are suitable for water and hiking trips. Every April a hundred-kilometer kite marathon is organized on the ice. The Lapland nature reserve is located nearby, where ecological trails are laid.
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