Removing quarantine.

Removing quarantine.

  • 06.05.2020
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Removing quarantine.

Restrictions due to coronavirus will be lifted in three stages, said the head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare Anna Popova at a video conference with President Vladimir Putin. The decision to soften the regime of self-isolation will be made by the heads of regions.

How moderation will be mitigated

First of all, it is planned to allow playing sports on the street and walking with children. Also, companies in the sphere of trade and services with a limited area will return to work. At the second stage, they will allow walks with family members, schools and universities and larger retail outlets will open, but with a restriction on the number of visitors at the same time. At the third stage, it is planned to allow walks in parks and squares, but subject to social distance. By this moment, enterprises of the sphere of trade and services, all schools and universities will start working without restrictions. hotels, cafes and restaurants. In Moscow, in quarantine. What are the risks of those who violate self-isolation Restrictions will be removed, focusing on the rate of increase in incidence, free places in hospitals and the number of tests performed. At the same time, Russians who are at risk and have chronic diseases will be forced to limit their mobility.

Need to keep the momentum

Popova noted that to begin mitigating the regime of self-isolation from May 12, it is necessary to maintain a “positive trend” in the development of the situation that arose in many regions. According to her, everyone should understand the level of personal responsibility. Over the past day, 10,559 new cases were detected in Russia, of which 5,858 in Moscow. Since the start of the epidemic, 165,929 people have been infected in the country. In most Russian regions, a general self-isolation regime is in place, and a system of electronic passes has been introduced in Moscow.
Source of information: RIA Novosti

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