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Heritage, a Russian cuisine restaurant now open in the new Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park Hotel, invites all guests for a tour through the pages of the Russian Empire gastronomic history. Soused apples, muksun suguday, boeuf Stroganov with sour cream or lamb ushnoye with turnip – the menu offers both the popular classics of Russian cuisine and the dishes cooked according to century-old ecipes. Foods of many regions, from Baltic Sea to Pacific Ocean, could be found on the menu. Variety of Imperial cuisine dishes The position of the Restaurant Chef was taken up by Denis Mukhin. He has 13 years of working experience aboard the best cruise ships and in the superior hotel restaurants behind him. Denis brought new recipes and cooking methods from every trip he took. “I am a professional gastro-tourist to some extent, rubbing shoulders with locals, asking them what they eat and wash down with, what the most popular recipes and “endemic” products are. I conceive acquired information afterward, thinking over what a present-day diner would appreciate.” The Russian Empire confines offered Denis an option of putting recipes from across the country together in one menu, reproducing and conceptualizing some of them, giving them the contemporary edge. In such a way, the tender beetroot with goat cheese, sterlet in caviar sauce with spelt wheat and flavory crayfish ukha made appearance on the Heritage restaurant menu. The home-style mushroom kundyumy, kulebiakas, open pies, traditional dishes of the imperial table like Pozharsky cutlets based on the original recipe from the town of Torzhok, and sorrel soup with beet greens are the perennial classics. And the stroganina, Kuril Islands fresh and raw fish dishes, Russian salad and Pelmeni with the Kamchatka royal crab meat were borrowed from the Far East. Meat and fish are prepared in multiple varieties there: baked over an open fire or in a coal stove, smothered, simmered, and fried. Traditional cooking methods are combined with modern ones, for example, the dehydration technique is applied, or some dishes are cooked under high pressure. The Heritage kitchen personnel use entirely local foodstuff, and the restaurant does business with national farm enterprises and cooperatives, the latter bringing together mushroom pickers and fisherman from all over the country. The bar menu offers the wines of the Old and New World, Champagne wines, hard liquors, original cocktails, traditional herbal and loose teas, and the baristas brew selected coffee.


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