International Tourism University

International Tourism University

  • 04.01.2018
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The National Tourist Union, established in 2015, and the Eurasian peoples Assembly created the first Russian higher education University, which focused on the training of highly qualified personnel in the field of tourism: the International Tourism University. Its legal form is an Autonomous non-profit organization of higher education.

The goals and objectives of the International tourism University are:

  • - training on the basis of educational programs that meet international standards of training;
  • - expansion of international relations in the territory of the member States of the Assembly of peoples of Eurasia, through basic education in all languages of the participating countries;
  • - creation of a system of practices and internships on the basis of network interaction with enterprises and organizations of the tourism industry;
  • - use of electronic information and educational environment for continuous distance learning;
  • - increasing the volume of qualified specialists in order to progressive development of tourism and increase its contribution to Russia's GDP.
  • The University uses a fundamentally new approach to the formation of the teaching staff, the use of educational methods, organization of educational process and industrial practices and internships.

    Personnel policy of the University allows you to invite to work as teachers of specialized disciplines only professionals-practitioners in this field: from current officials to businessmen.

    Theory and practice are inextricably linked, and each learned students block theoretical information should be as soon as possible fixed practical skills.

    Students of the International Tourism University will have a permanent opportunity to test their theoretical training in practice in organizations of the tourism industry and related industries (transport companies, booking systems, hotels, restaurants, tour agencies).

    The international University of Tourism already has a number of practical arrangements with major universities and organizations of the tourism industry both in Russia and abroad (AZIMUT Hotels; METROPOL Hotel; Jawaharlal Nehru University, India; University of Anatolia, Turkey; University of Tanta, Egypt).

    An invitation to study and practice of foreign students will be a response step students for the purpose of export of the standard of the Russian education and studying of Russian language and culture by them.


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