Closing two terminals.

Closing two terminals.

  • 23.03.2020
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Closing two terminals.

On March 20, Sheremetyevo Airport closed international terminals E and C, transfers all flights operated there to terminals D and F, said Dmitry Kaygorodov, deputy general director of Sheremetyevo International Airport JSC. “From 00:00 on the 20th day, we close terminal E and terminal C for arrival and departure. All flights that are currently operated at these terminals will be transferred to terminal D and terminal F,” Kaygorodov said on the Russia 24 television channel. Terminals D, E, F make up the southern terminal complex of Sheremetyevo, they all serve international flights. Terminal C is located in the northern part of Sheremetyevo; it opened in January this year and serves international flights. Next to it is the B domestic terminal opened a year earlier. About 80% of the passenger traffic of Sheremetyevo is provided by Aeroflot. Since the coronavirus pandemic, the airline has closed flights to China, Korea, Iran, and most European destinations since the beginning of the year. On the eve, Aeroflot announced that it would suspend three of four US destinations by May, leaving only flights to New York.
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