A new year means new travel opportunities - but deciding where to go can often be the hardest part.

A new year means new travel opportunities - but deciding where to go can often be the hardest part.

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A new year means new travel opportunities - but deciding where to go can often be the hardest part.

This year, we're looking to the stars for help and more specifically to Carolyne Faulkner, founder of Dynamic Astrology and author of Your Stars. "To make astrology truly work for you, it’s wise to gain an understanding of your whole natal chart which is calculated the moment you are born," Carolyne says. "We all have a little of each sign in our full natal charts and they interact with the transiting positions of planets and stars in the skies thus impacting us at different time." To calculate your full natal chart, visit Carolyne's site and read on to see where your zodiac is steering you this year.

Aries dates: March 21 to April 19.

Carolyne says: “Aries ruler Mars lands in their sign in February and March giving them an energetic boost. Aside from these months, Aries should slow down and need to conserve energy or travel to places that help boost their spiritual energy. They recently began a new seven year cycle where they may build upon the uncertainty of the last astrological phase.”
Where Aries should travel in 2020
Easter Island, Chile: Easter Island is reported to possess a little magic and some high-octane spiritual energy due to the mysterious carvings of the Moai heads dating back some 1,000 years.
The Bosnian Pyramids, Bosnia: travel to Sarajevo and experience an energetic city coupled with serious chill time - exactly what Aries need. Peak Kalash, Tibet: one of the most sacred Tibetan sites, it’s never been climbed by man to date and is rumoured to only ever have been mastered by the Buddhist mystic and poet; Milarepa. For a glimpse into untouched natural beauty and what is known as the ‘snow jewel’ this is both an adventure and a pilgrimage for even non ‘spiritually inclined’ travellers.
Stonehenge, England: Aries should take a trip to the ancient site of worship and celebration. If you want to experience something truly spectacular, go along for the one of the solstice gatherings in June or December. Bath, England: Bath’s Roman thermal spa taps into its underground mineral waters that are believed to have healing powers. A trip to the volcanic spas and Shrine to Minerva is bound to boost energy and wellbeing for Aries.

Taurus dates: April 20 to May 20.

Carolyne says: “Uranus - the planet that sparks inventions, randomness and spontaneity - is now in the sign of Taurus for a seven-year transit. As a fixed sign, traditional Taurus folk could be a little uncomfortable so taking trips off the beaten track and learning to be more spontaneous is a sure bet to ensure you delight in this transit. Not many people know that Taurus is aligned with Earth as a planet and so any country that respects the environment and delivers awe inspiring scenery will boost their energy no end.”
Where Taurus should travel in 2020
Cuba: for majestic mountain views, unspoiled jungle to explore, rich history, food and music (all a tick for Taurus).
The Galápagos Islands, Ecuador: an ideal destination for nature loving Taurus, The Galápagos Islands is one of the world’s leading destinations for viewing wildlife in their natural habitat.
Botswana: be enchanted by Botswana’s pioneering eco-tourism and the conservation of natural habitat and the protection of wildlife. Barafundle Bay, Wales: for a peaceful retreat that includes, beaches, cliffs and wildlife. The Cotswolds, England: head to a chocolate box village in the Cotswold countryside and spend your days going for walks, horse riding and evenings at the local pub. Sperrin Mountains, Northern Ireland: for peaceful and awe-inspiring rambles in nature, an appreciation of the natural ecology of the landscape and a burgeoning foodie culture.

Gemini dates: May 21 to June 20.

Carolyne says: “Gemini has faced a year-long opposition from Jupiter, which may have seen them lose their lightness. This opposition is over, but it asked that they realign their lives and find inner truth and inspiration. Travel should be stimulating both mentally and physically.”
Where Gemini should travel in 2020
St Moritz, Switzerland: this glamorous and cosmopolitan alpine resort is laden with opportune experiences to boost serotonin.
South Africa: as one of the most beautiful countries on earth, South Africa has it all; sun drenched coasts, wildlife parks, safaris and breath-taking natural landscapes. Alaska, USA: from whale watching to hiking in the mountains, getting lost in this profound and delightfully wild country is like a tonic for the Gemini who need to find themselves.
Brighton, England: with its vibrant pier and regency style architecture Brighton is a breath of fresh air for Geminis.
Cornwall, England: with mile long beaches, picturesque towns and incredible gastropubs, Cornwall is a special spot set to inspire and recharge Geminis.
Dublin, Ireland: famous for its elegant architecture and friendly, Guinness-loving locals, Geminis will delight at St Patrick’s cathedral - a haven for history lovers - and the writers museum which is best visited with an enthusiastic tour guide.

Cancer dates: June 21 to July 22.

Carolyne says: “After a challenging two-year transit that is likely to have placed quite a few restrictions on Cancer, 2020 is only the beginning of a brighter road towards emotional freedom. Any destination that heals the heart and inspires the soul should be on your travel list.”
Where Cancer should travel in 2020
Georgia: with a rich history and 11th century architecture, snow-capped mountains and sprawling landscapes, this destination is sure to provide warmth both literally and metaphorically speaking, that gentle Cancer folk adore.
Sacred Valley, Peru: trace the Inca trail and explore this ancient and sacred destination, tucked safely in between the imposing Valley foothills.
Barbados: fabulous beaches boasting powdery sand and turquoise bays. It’s small enough for Cancer to feel safe and welcomed by the locals.
Frome, England: once named as one of the best places to live in Britain, this gem is brimming with some of the finest pubs and restaurants.
York, England: with its Roman built walled city, York is a place that any Cancerian would feel secure. Its 13th century Gothic Cathedral is imposing and majestic and York provides a down to earth hospitality that Cancerians will love.

Leo dates: July 23 to August 22.

Carolyne says: “Leo will have a serious energy boost in the summer months, although in general they have to be mindful of burn out in 2020 or loss of direction. Their opposite sign, Aquarius, is working to help them realign with their hearts and find their true purpose, so creative exploration and discovery is high on the list in 2020.”
Where Leo should travel in 2020
New York City, USA: Leos can tap into their creative side in 2020 with a visit to one of New York City’s many museums like MOMA, The Power of Fashion exhibition at FIT or JP Morgan’s Museum with his collection of spiritual and religious treasures. Paris, France: the French capital is a leading city for the arts, fashion gastronomy and culture - perfect for Leos.
Copenhagen, Denmark: with fabulous restaurants and exhilarating art, Copenhagen is filled with creatives.
London, England: with its vibrant nightlife, endless shows, restaurants, sights and museums, London is a haven for culture-seeking Leos.
Gower Peninsula, South Wales: as the UK’s first designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1956; Gower is as historic as it is healing.
Isle of Skye, Scotland: Leos will be able to relax and regroup whilst drinking in some of the most unspoiled, rugged landscapes in the British Isles.

Virgo dates: August 23 to September 22.

Carolyne says: “Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet that governs communications, logic and the mind in general. However they will be boosted energetically by Mars in their sign in January and February and will feel the impact of dreamy Neptune in their opposite sign of Pisces, which means they are opening up to a whole new world that defies logic. Any country or city that allows them to embrace clean living, the arts, spirituality or rich culture and history will inspire them in 2020.”
Where Virgo should travel in 2020
Los Angeles, USA: Virgos should head to California for a wide combination of experiences in 2020, such as the Pacific Ocean’s coastal beauty, L.A.’s extreme clean-living ethos (a Virgo tick), incredible hikes and walks and an unrivalled vegan and vegetarian foodie scene. Tulum and Holbox, Mexico: the stunning cenotes, beautiful beaches and luxury ‘hippie’ culture will be the perfect way for Virgos to unwind in 2020.
Koh Rong, Cambodia: Virgo loves a to-do list, and getting to Koh Rong will take some careful planning. When you finally reach your destination, you can tear up the list and lose yourself in idyllic island life, which is the perfect antidote for the analytic, work-obsessed Virgo.
Scottish Highlands, Scotland: to finally master the anxiety and non-stop inner chatter. Cornwall, England: for a delightful combination of history, myth and legend and a peaceful getaway with rejuvenating walks in the countryside, Cornwall will be a haven for Virgos in 2020. Somerset, England: discover quaint little villages and the clean air Virgo needs to get out of their heads and into the moment.

Libra dates: September 23 to October 22.

Carolyne says: “Libra has experienced a stop and start year throughout 2019 as they reevaluated their personal needs and their all-important relationships. An energetic boost is due to peak in 2020 where they may just rebel against the expectations they have placed on themselves. Travel is best balanced by spending time with a partner and also discovering new ways to enjoy alone time and develop fresh skills.”
Where Libra should travel in 2020
Maldives: with its private villas with secluded beaches this paradise on earth will rekindle a Libras love and romance.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Carnival is in February so you can samba through the festival or just drink in the vibrancy of this hot spot with your other half. Australia: travelling around this vast and verdant country is fabulous for couples who wish to deepen their relationship (travel accelerates a relationship for good and bad) and even for those who are perhaps seeking a relationship, finding yourself first ensures you attract the ‘right’ one.
Stratford upon Avon, England: from Anne Hathaway’s cottage to the butterfly farm, you can end the day with a play at the Royal Shakespeare theatre.
Oxford, England: a lovely day trip for solo travellers, walk around the historical city and discover the part ruins of Oxford castle and the famous University.

Scorpio dates: October 23 to November 21.

Carolyne says: “Scorpio has been under the deep penetrating glare of Pluto which continues to bring transformation and change personally and professionally. With an opposition to Uranus kicking in, change is in the air and any destination that evokes emotions is on the list.”
Where Scorpio should travel in 2020
Sedona in Arizona, USA: believed to be a ‘vortex’ between worlds by locals and pilgrims alike, even if you’re not spiritually inclined this destination is other worldly and sure to trigger self-realisation and appreciation of life if not a full blown spiritual awakening.
Egypt: with its deep history, whole host of golden treasures and incredible sights such as The Pyramids which were built in accordance to the stars, a trip here will lighten any Scorpio spirit.
Istanbul, Turkey: deep, hot and sexy are words often used to describe both Istanbul and Scorpio. It’s an intense city with spectacular architecture and the city comes alive at Scorpios favourite time of day - after dark.
Isle of Mull, Scotland: Langamull Beach is often described as the Isle of Mull’s best kept secret thanks to its stunning views, and overall tranquillity. This secluded white sand beach is perfect at any time of day.

Sagittarius dates: November 22 to December 21.

Carolyne says: “Sagittarius may be feeling a tad low after Jupiter (your ruler) left your sign. You need to build on any opportunities for growth and progress that came your way in 2019. In order to gain a fresh perspective, open spaces and places that stimulate the imagination are key and will enable you to regroup their energy and overall clarity.”
Where Sagittarius should travel in 2020
Hawaii, USA: Hawaii never fails to rejuvenate, with its dreamy beaches enveloping the Pacific Ocean, friendly and cultured locals, incredible food, snorkelling, surfing, scuba diving, camping, glamping and hiking; all food for the soul for Sagittarius.
Bali, Indonesia: Bali is a fabulous place to go to reboot your wellbeing and take up any sort of mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga.
Tuscany, Italy: the food, architecture, art and history are a sure bet to refuel a tired mind and weary spirit. Sagittarius is at its best when the written word is mastered, and Tuscany offers a whole host of writing retreats across many genres. Inverness, Scotland: this 19th century Cathedral city is rich in history, art and culture, and Sagittarius can also roam the Ness Islands and explore the Inverness Castle which was built as a riverside fortress in 1836.
Devon, England: known as the English Riviera, offers sandy beaches, magnificent cliffs, medieval towns and a whole host of national parks to appeal to the adventurous Sagittarian.
The Lake District, England: this national park is a prime location for the academic Sagittarius who wishes to broaden their knowledge of literature via the various literary associations found here.

Capricorn dates: December 22 to January 19.

Carolyne says: “Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, has been in their sign since 2017 forcing them to work hard on all aspects of life. It finally shifts at the end of the year, but not before what is known as a great conjunction occurs. This has been a challenging few years and so any trip that boosts serotonin, vitamin D, joy and fun is a good move.”
Where Capricorn should travel in 2020
Tokyo, Japan: head to the mountains to see the snow monkeys, or discover the cherry blossom trees in the city centre. Tokyo is an efficient and bustling city that is sure to boost Capricorn’s energy
India: this vibrant and colourful country is sure to inspire Capricorn’s weary heart although it’s unlikely they are going to be attracted to anything less than five star luxury travel.
Bahamas: sun, sand and exquisite cuisine - this is where Capricorns need to go to relax.
Cumbria, England: the northern countryside offers a fabulous get away from city life. Be sure to stay at one of the many luxurious hotels found here that will appear to Capricorn’s refined taste.
Killarney National Park, Ireland: experiencing the wild and untouched beauty here will help Capricorn to gain perspective and appreciate simple pleasures and the beauty of life once again.

Aquarius dates: January 20 to February 18.

Carolyne says: “Aquarius has had to work hard for a few years now, with the main focus on careers and commitments in general. This earth-fuelled vibe is set to continue until Saturn and Jupiter align in their sign at the tail end of 2020 so any travel would help them to realign with the stars and cosmos in general.”
Where Aquarius should travel in 2020
The Arctic: a week-long adventure in the arctic will inspire Aquarius and fill them with new ideas and fresh insights they require to navigate 2020..
Boom, Belgium: Aquarians love to live in the future, so losing themselves in Boom’s music festival Tomorrowland is a paradisal adventure sure to replenish any lost energy. Finland: spending a few nights in Finnish Lapland searching for the Northern Lights will remind Aquarius of their connection to the world and cosmos on the whole.
Langholm, Scotland: volunteering within the community or studying yoga or meditation will nourish Aquarius and allow them to breathe clean air whilst walking in the Scottish hills. Glastonbury, England: known as the spiritual heart of England, this quiet (unless it’s festival season) town is filled with a weird and wonderful combination of ancient myths of Avalon and historic sites like The Tor to visit.
Snowdonia, Wales: as an air sign Aquarius requires space and freedom to roam. Snowdonia has over 100 lakes nestled between monumental craggy peaked mountains.

Pisces dates: February 19 to March 20.

Carolyne says: “The energy from the transits triggered by your ruling planet Neptune may have caused you to feel lost or uninspired. If this was the case, 2020 is a different vibe entirely but first it would be wise to cleanse in some natural water and immerse yourself in nature.”
Where Pisces should travel in 2020
Madagascar: this beauty still remains relatively unspoiled. It is a paradise for wildlife lovers and outdoorsy types who like to explore vast landscapes.
Niagara Falls, USA: even walking into the water mist sprays from the falls will help to heal Pisces who are impacted by the negative ions like no other sign.
Laguna Colorada, Bolivia: the Pink Lake is a shallow Salt Lake close to the border with Chile, Pisces can spend the day here and camp out in any of the small local bordering villages, to escape the maddening crowds and heal within nature.
Berlin, Germany: with its incredible underground art and music scenes and the rebellious eclectic vibe, this City is like manna from heaven for the artistic Pisces. Llangennith, South Wales: this tiny destination is for all year surfers, with its hip artistic locals and the late night pubs.
Information resource: Evening Standard.

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